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Edward Jones Chatting Cage

Hey Guys-

I have been busy so I haven’t had time to blog about my experience on the show, Edward Jones Chatting Cage. So since I had some free time to blog I decided to blog about the experience. To give you some background information the Edward Jones Chatting Cage is an online, video chat that MLB.com hosts where fans can talk and ask questions of players/managers/and other baseball people. I personally have been on the show twice interviewing Evan Gattis and Bud Black. My most recent appearance was with the manager of the Padres, Bud Black. I was able to ask Bud about his thoughts on the new replay system and he offered a very good response. Please click here to see the full episode of the Bud Black interview. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Easter!

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Season Recap and Offseason Plans

Hi Everybody- First of all I want to thank you guys, my parents, and friends for supporting me this season. This year I had a ton of fun ballhawking at minor league stadiums and enjoying the game we all love, baseball. This season I snagged 17 balls in 5 games meaning I averaged 3.40 balls per game. I also got over 30 autographs and was able to interact with many players over the course of this season. I enjoyed the friendly competition of ballhawking with my cousin Connor and other people over the course of the season and reading about many of your interesting games you attended. So thank you very much.


I’ve been thinking about what to do with this blog in the offseason. I would like to post once every two weeks. I will post articles about free agents news and signings, previews or major league and minor league teams, hopefully a player interview or two, and theĀ  baseball books I am reading.Thanks so much guys, I can’t wait for next season.