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Edward Jones Chatting Cage

Hey Guys-

I have been busy so I haven’t had time to blog about my experience on the show, Edward Jones Chatting Cage. So since I had some free time to blog I decided to blog about the experience. To give you some background information the Edward Jones Chatting Cage is an online, video chat that MLB.com hosts where fans can talk and ask questions of players/managers/and other baseball people. I personally have been on the show twice interviewing Evan Gattis and Bud Black. My most recent appearance was with the manager of the Padres, Bud Black. I was able to ask Bud about his thoughts on the new replay system and he offered a very good response. Please click here to see the full episode of the Bud Black interview. Thank you for reading and have a wonderful Easter!

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April Update: Cardinals Game!

Hey Guys-

I just wanted to update everybody on my plans for April. I will be heading down to St. Louis, Missouri for the FTC robotics World Championship. While I am there for the weekend my team will be attending the Cardinals and Pirates game. I doubt I will have time to ballhawk or explore the stadium however I will take many pictures during the game so be sure to keep an eye out for pictures on my instagram page (wilmingtonBH37) and blog. Thanks so much for reading and I hope you guys are having a wonderful baseball season!

4/12/13 Wilmington Blue Rocks

It was the home-opener for the Wilmington Blue Rocks against the Frederick Keys. I usally got to 15 to 17 games a season so I figured it would be cool to go to their opener. It was already at 6:30. We only live 15 minuets way however  my Mom had to stop and get money so we didnt get to the stadium until 6:55. Plus the sky looked like this, oh yeah rain just what I needed 😦


Once we got into the stadium my cousin, who was attending the game with me, and I headed right over to the third base side furthest away from people. However there was not a single ball that was hit foul on the third base bag. After about 2 innings of frustration. Next we moved on behind the Blue Rock’s dugout to get a third out ball. Unfortunately there was a bunch of kids who ran up and asking for the ball so I never got to get one. However finally in the 5th inning I got the Blue Rocks 1st baseman to throw me the third out ball and my first ball of 2013. My mom took picture of me in our original seats.

Then in the 7th inning I quickly moved over behind the Frederick Keys dugout for the 3rd out ball and got Michael Ohlman to toss me my second ball of 2013. Then finally in the 8th with it raining pretty hard the batter hit a deep foul out of the stadium behind home plate my cousin and I raced out of the stadium to get it with a couple slow teenagers behind us. I got there first only to see the security guard pick the ball up. I walked up to him and asked him for it and he promptly threw it to me after my cousin who was friends with the guard told him I was his cousin. After we went back to the stadium my Mom who had been weathering the cold announced that it was time to go. It ended being perfect timing because they suspended the game 15 min after I left. We raced out to the car soaked but both my cousin and I had 3 balls. We all had a blast. Here’s a picture of my hall.

Ballhawking Stats

Career Balls: 21 Balls

Games With At least One Ball: 8 Games

2013 Balls: 3

8 straight games with atleast 1 ball